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Standing As Allies With Black Communities

A Message from AIG's CEO and President.

To our AIG Colleagues, 

Over the last few weeks, there has again been civil unrest across the United States, which is spreading to other countries. There is sadness and anger over race-based discriminatory and violent acts, including the senseless deaths of black men and women at the hands of police officers. Issues of diversity and inclusion are important and basic human and civil rights even more so. We and the other members of the AIG Executive Leadership Team believe it is necessary to address the situation.

At AIG we strive to be a market leader – not only in our core businesses, but as an employer that values the contributions of all colleagues regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age or sexual orientation. There is no room for racism or other forms of discrimination at AIG.

We stand as Allies with our black colleagues and colleagues who are part of racially mixed families. You are not alone in your heartache. We hear your anguish, see your grief and acknowledge your pain.

Our company operates in many countries around the world and we draw strength from the diversity of our colleague base. We know that diverse and inclusive organizations are healthier and perform better. Our response to COVID-19 is an example of how when we come together, united against a common enemy, we are unstoppable in helping each other, our clients and other stakeholders.

We have made strides at AIG to build a diverse and inclusive global team of professionals, but we know there is still much work to be done. The last few days, in particular, have been a painful reminder that there must be a deeper and more robust dialogue about our values, and we must live those values, as well as continue our efforts to foster a diverse and respectful work environment.

We are committed to speaking up and calling out injustice. We need your help. Each and every one of us has a role to play if we are to become a true leader in our industry – on all issues, not just financial results, operational excellence or stock price. Starting today, we must come together with compassion and take more meaningful action that will contribute to lasting change when it comes to eradicating racism and inequality.

As an initial statement of our support for the black community, the AIG Foundation will make a US$250,000 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and a US$250,000 donation to Amnesty International. In addition, each colleague globally will receive an additional paid day off to volunteer for an organization that focuses on education about the importance of equality, diversity, inclusion, criminal justice reform, and human and civil rights, or otherwise provides support for underrepresented and at-risk groups.

With the help of leaders and managers across the organization, we also plan to create more opportunities for open dialogue about issues of racism, discriminatory behavior and unconscious bias. These can be uncomfortable conversations, but they pale in comparison to the conversation colleagues have with their black parents, siblings or children as they fear for their safety and seek acceptance in society.

Together we will build a better, stronger, more inclusive and unified company. Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to AIG.


Brian Duperreault, Chief Executive Officer
Peter Zaffino, President

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