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Proactively protect your business

Natural disasters can have sudden and devastating impacts on businesses and communities. The right preparation with the right partner goes a long way to protecting against catastrophic loss.

AIG can help you plan for a range of natural disasters that can severely impact your business. Understanding structural and location-related risks helps you mitigate your risk by taking the right steps before a weather event. If damage occurs, our insights can also help you reduce disruption to your day-to-day operations and efficiently address the aftermath of a storm.


Hurricane season starts on June 1 each year, but extreme windstorms can strike at any time. Access valuable lessons and tips to prepare for this type of event.


Stemming from a variety of weather events, flooding can occur in almost any area with minimal notice. Understand the locations most at risk and how you can protect your property before and after floodwaters hit.

Tip Sheet: Floods [PDF]


As droughts intensify, the threat of wildfires increases. These move quickly and can devastate large areas. If you’re in a potentially exposed location, learn about the actions that you can take.


Earthquakes can occur at any time of the year across many regions. While most buildings are now designed to resist earthquakes and protect occupants, some structures may still have deficiencies. Learn ways to minimize the effects before and after an event.

Tip Sheet: Earthquakes [PDF]

Winter Storms

Extreme temperatures combined with wind, snow, and flooding can cause major damage and put residential and commercial properties at risk.