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AIG embraces courageous conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Demonstrating measurable improvements and transparency are keys to keeping the organization’s stakeholders informed.

As AIG deepens its commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), our leaders are taking important steps toward building a workplace culture that provides opportunities that support greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

AIG aspires to accomplish more in the years ahead – which includes having transparent conversations about results and opportunities to improve.

Recently, AIG Chief Diversity Officer Ronald Reeves, Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Waldner and Global Head of Corporate Citizenship Laura Gallagher gathered for a discussion about the organization’s DE&I efforts.

They reflected on how AIG is promoting more sustainable and equitable communities, in what areas the organization is making progress, and the ways in which they are partnering together and with internal and external stakeholders to achieve the firm’s goals.

Here’s what they said: 

Q: What areas within AIG’s DE&I commitments do you see the organization making meaningful progress?


I am most proud of the progress we are making on our representation journey. When we look at the senior manager and executive levels, we’ve made improvements with respect to diversity by bringing in greater representation of Asian, Black/African American, and Hispanic/Latino/Latinx talent.

We also launched our purpose and values in 2022; we want to discover new potential by reimagining what AIG can do for all its stakeholders. This purpose is buttressed by values that promote excellence and inclusion, such as setting the standard for the insurance industry and being an ally to colleagues, brokers, clients, customers and other stakeholders.


You can't be what you can't see. When it comes to representation, I think AIG’s progress is encouraging for anyone considering a career here. The diverse talent across our workforce is one of our most important assets. For people to see themselves within an organization, that’s very important.

Q: Realizing there’s plenty more to improve on in the years ahead, how is AIG demonstrating its improvements around DE&I?


We are being more transparent with our many stakeholders, and with greater transparency comes greater accountability and with greater accountability comes progress. For example, we are disclosing more data related to diversity so that we can proactively track AIG’s progress when it comes to representation, as well as promotions and turnover linked to gender and other attributes across our workforce.


I’m excited about AIG enhancing its disclosures, particularly when it comes to the ways our organization manages our workforce. The journey toward a more diverse workforce throughout the organization is something that is built and maintained over years of commitment. Being transparent and disclosing more information around our DE&I journey creates accountability and demonstrates leadership, which are positive things.

Q: AIG is taking important actions to help create a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable world. How do these measures relate to the organization’s commitments to DE&I?


Our commitment to sustainability is intertwined with our commitment to DE&I. Climate change is one critical issue that we are focused on, and AIG is taking steps to reduce Green House Gas Emissions to net zero across its underwriting and investment portfolios by 2050, if not sooner. These efforts are important to our colleagues and business partners, as well as the diverse communities where they live and work for many reasons because the most vulnerable communities in the world are more adversely impacted by many of the results of climate change.


I also think it’s important to look at climate change from a broader lens. While climate change is largely an environmental issue, I also view it as a social issue given that its impact could disproportionately affect marginalized communities. When I think about AIG’s DE&I efforts, I’m looking at it from the business perspective, as well as from the view that AIG needs to do the right thing for the communities we serve.


Another important way we support our communities is through AIG’s philanthropic efforts. When we distribute grants and donations, our commitment to DE&I is a factor in our decisions. For example, in 2021, AIG donated more than $25 million to communities around the world. Through our Matching Grants Program, where AIG doubles employees’ donations, our organization contributed an additional $7 million. This is AIG’s way of giving colleagues opportunities to support organizations that are important and meaningful to them, and I think the success of these programs say a lot about how attuned our colleagues are to the needs of their local communities.

Q: What does Juneteenth mean to you, personally and professionally, and how do your views tie to AIG’s broader commitments to DE&I?


Juneteenth is a significant day for African Americans in the United States. Personally, it’s a day filled with a lot of reflection for me and my family. It reminds me of how far this nation has come – and more importantly, how much work there is still to do when it comes to creating a more equitable and inclusive world. AIG has taken actions to support equity and inclusion. We continue to proactively learn from our colleagues and the communities where they live to deepen our understanding of what’s needed to strengthen the diversity of our workforce. I am inspired by Opal Lee’s tireless efforts to make Juneteenth a national holiday.


For me, Juneteenth is a time to think back on America’s history, acknowledging that while it represents progress, we still have further to go.

Professionally, I am grateful to work for a firm that encourages courageous conversations on race and inequity. It is important to bring our whole selves to work. By creating a culture that promotes open dialogue on these topics, it helps us to be more conscious of the inequalities and challenges that still exist in our world, many of which continue to impact our colleagues and their families.


Juneteenth is a reminder that it is my individual responsibility to cultivate a sense of belonging and proactively take visible, purposeful, and intentional actions to support equity every single day. For example, I plan to speak to my children about the importance of this day and reinforce messages they have learned at school about empathy, love and understanding.

In addition, I plan to honor Juneteenth by giving back to my community in support of a more inclusive and equitable future. I am very grateful for the programs that AIG has created, which integrate giving back as part of our culture of doing what is right and being an ally. This includes our generous Volunteer Time Off and Matching Grants Program, which allow me to contribute my time and expertise and make donations to organizations that are advancing equity.

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